Installation made of 90 cardboard boxes (400 x 280 cm) with screen print, video projection 20.25”
Exhibited in Espaço Gesto, Porto, Portugal 2012
Project “The Price of Water” is an interactive video-installation based on stop-motion animation. The animation is created by rather unusual technique: by continuous repainting of the same canvas. The video represents water seller from Mauritania who repeatedly performs simple action – he takes plastic bag, fills it with water and lays it in front of him to be sold. This simple activity of the seller, dressed in traditional clothes is intentionally portrayed as a form of a ritual – to question the value of the water. In dry land as Mauritania, water could have higher value then oil.
To enter the room with projection we pass through a portal build of cardboard boxes with screen prints. These represent packages of Mauritanian products of all what is plenty in this country: “distances”, “wind”, “sand dunes”, “stardust”.. The work aims to point out that natural resources we consider endless might be limited once we look at the world from global perspective – as interconnected structure.